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About Me

Actually it is not about me. I believe if you want to know your friends, even enemies, first you should know about their history and culture.
Last Updated: 05 June 1997. 

mIRC Help

I think the mIRC page is quite informative. Although Tjerk Vonck was kind enough to allow me to use the mIRC toolbar, I still don't like the design, I'll have to work on it.
Help for latest mIRC version.
Last Updated 06 August 1998.


After resisting for a year, I decided to include some Links. Try them and tell me what what you think.
Last Updated 04 August 1998.

In my humble opinion my home page is viewed with any color, resolution and browser, either with Frames and No Frames. I need your opinion and suggestions. Please don't hesitate to email me.

Like most places on the web these days, this site is still and will always be under construction!

Search Engines

If you managed to find me you don't need search engines !!
My thanks to John Haag for the All4One Search Machine. I have done some changes and instead of you going to the search engines, now more than 10 search engines are only a mouse click away from you.
Last Updated 12 November 1997.

Lee's Stories

Frank was born in Northwich, Cheshire, England in early 1938. In 1962 he joined the Royal Air Force April (RAF) as a trainee Pilot. He became a Navigator and flew many different types of Aircraft; finishing up as a Squadron Leader on the E3D AWACS. Now he has retired to Cyprus with his wife Liz. He likes Golf, Computers and telling stories. So here is one of his stories.
Last Updated 27 July 1998.

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Updated: 04 August 1998