Don't be surprised if most of this links have nothing to do with IRC or mIRC :)

Friends in #Irchelp

ani-mIRC v1.0ani-mIRCA script for mIRC users to veiw and hear chat using the Microsoft Agent v2.0.
 BadBadDogBadBadDogGreg's Home Page. Don't forget to visit his page with quotes.
{Dove} {Dove}The Machine knitters Information site.
 FisheeFisheeThe Salty Society. Info about salt water fish tanks.
 GaiJinGaiJinDon't let the first gif fool you.A great page. Info from A to Z.
 mgbM.G.Burke Not an Irchelp regular, but afriend with a good page:)
Miche11eMichelleGood Links. Read her poems. A must.
 WindancrWindancrUnfortunately not quite ready yet, but looks promising.
 EenieEenie's Page As The page author says, Its a Snazzy Site
 CheechCheechIf you want to learn mIRC, HTML, Games, Karate etc, Visit It.
 CheechIRCLordAs the name says it's a Lord's place.

IRC Channels Home Pages

BlazedBlazedBlazed a new server, very fast and friendly people.
#IRCHelp#IRCHelpIRCHelp Channel Homepage.(Undernet)
#mIRCHelp#mIRCHelpmIRCHelp Channel Homepage.(EFnet)
#MSWorld#MSWorld Multiple Sclerosis On-Line Chat Support.(TalkCity)
Fern Modena's Timeshare & Travel Page#TimeshareFern Modena's Timeshare & Travel Page (Webchat).
#WeB_DeZigN#WeB_DeZigN Ali_Cairos Wold, HTML, Gif and IRC Help.(Undernet)
#Forestchat#ForestchatA cool place to chat. (Undernet)
#Armenians#ArmeniansA cool place for Armenians (and not only) to chat. (Undernet)
#mirc-newbies#mircnewbiesDerms World, mIRC and Sat stuff. (
#The^Cave#The^Cave Terry & Lee's Page. Lots of info and links to kewl stuff (chatnet)
#wild-chat #wild-chatDan Kreager's Home page. You can even chat with your Browser (Undernet)
#Last-resort#Last-resortAxe's Place, Entertainment: IRC, Jokes, Cartoons (Austnet)
#Funchat#FunchatA channel to come to if you want to joke around. (Dalnet)
#Darkspiral#DarkspiralFiction, Poetry, Music, Movies and more. (Efnet)
#Authors #Authors The Authors channel homepage (Undernet)
#beginner#beginnerThe beginner channel homepage (NewNet)


Absolute mIRCAxe's IRCOne of the largest collections of IRC addons.
IRC InfoIRC InfoA list of links to help newbies to irc
IRC MagicIRC MagicA listing of online resources to enhance your enjoyment of mIRC and IRC.
Silvana'sSilvana'sCannot describe it, many things in here, so better see by yourself.
D and B PageDaneckNot a whole lot of information here, just a lot of links to some of our favorite sites.
mIRC AddictsAddictsHellO all This is my funky homepage with a lot of links.
oVeRdOnEoVeRdOnEThis is the page for the #mIRC_Scripting room in the server.
Dr. Shelia HarbetS. HarbetCalifornia State University, Northridge Virtual Courses.
Terry & LeeTerry LeeTerry & Lee's Web Space Experience.
WastelandWastelandWasteland Webring homepage.


IRCHandlerIRCHandlerAn IRC address book, a small but useful program.
 TucowsTucowsThe Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software.
 JavaJavaThe Java(TM) Boutique.
 Shareware ZoneShareware ZoneShareware Zone, Galt Shareware Zone.
 Shareware OrgShareware OrgDos, Win 3.x, and Win95 Software.
 Shareware.comShareware.ComCollection of Shareware software.
 Windows95Windows 95 Collection of Windows95 Shareware software.
 Slaughterhouse SlaughterhouseThe SlaughterHouse. My favorite.
 StraudStroud's Int. AppsStroud's Apps List. My second favorite.
 Microsoft ComMicrosoftNo commend.
 mIRC HomePagemIRC Home PageGet all you need about mIRC.
 NetZIPNetZIPYou can't surf without NetZIP. Get IT

About Cyprus

Cyprus PIOCyprus PIOThe official Cyprus page maintained by the Cyprus PIO.
Cyprus PageThe Cyprus PageThe unofficial Cyprus page or is it the official?
YiasouYiasouThe Cyprus Web Index.

Armenian Links

Info. about Armenia. With lots of Links.
Arminian Org.Armenian Org.
A project of the Armenian Cultural Foundation.
 Narbey Narbey DerbekyanAn extensive database of Armenian Web sites.
Little ArmeniaLittle ArmeniaOne of the most informative sites by Kojian Raffi.
 AYF east USAAYF USAThe AYF Eastern USA Web site.
Naz KeleshianNaz KeleshianAn Armenian IRCacholic :)
 Athens YouthAthens Youth SiteThe Armenian Youth site of Greece.
Armenia.comThe Armenia SiteThey aim to create one of the best Armenian sites.
 FootballFootball in ArmeniaFor the Football fanatics !!!
 Birds of ArmeniaBirds of ArmeniaAbstracts from a well made book.
 HomenetmenHomenetmen NYArmenian General Athletic Union .
 Hamazkayin PasadenaHamazkayin Pas. Levon Shant Theatre Company Hamazkayin Pasadena.
 Armenian Students' Association University of TorontoASA of Toronto ASA University of Toronto
Naregs WebpageNaregs Webpage Naregs Webpage

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