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  Address Book Button  
Please Note that starting from mIRC 5.4 the notify list has been moved to the Address Book Address Book

Address Book

With this button you can Open mIRCs address Book.
You can also open the address book with your Keyboard by pressing Alt and B together.
Also you can open it by typing either of the following in your status or channel window
/abook nick
/uwho nick nick

The address book allows you to save information about your friends on IRC, such as name, email address, personal website, IP Address, and other notes. If you make any changes, you will see a yellow sign above the [ADD] button.

This is the persons usual nickname on IRC. Information in the Address Book is stored according to nickname.

Real Name
Actually usually this may not be the nicks real name. It shows whatever the user has typed in his\her setup.

Again this might not the nicks real email. It shows whatever the user has typed in his\her setup. If it's the real email and you click on the Email button, mIRC will start up your email program. Assuming that there is an email program registered on your system.

Her you can store the persons personal website, if they have one. If you click on the View button, mIRC will start up your web browser.

IP Address
This is the persons IP Address. If the user has a static IP and you click the Chat button, mIRC will initiate a DCC Chat directly to this persons address instead of using the IRC Server.

The notes section allows you to enter miscellaneous information about a person.

If the person sent you their picture, you can associate it with their nickname in the address book, and it will be displayed whenever their information is displayed. Left click in the picture box, and a window will open. Select the BMP file that you want.

Note  Although you might get the impression that you can put any image format here, the picture must be in the standard BMP format, mIRC cannot handle any other picture formats at this time. Also its a bit buggy, if you right click on the picture, it disappears, even if you click cancel and reopen the address book.

Who is?

This gives you the usual /whois commands information (Nick, Name, Address, Channels on, Idle Time, Away info, Servers, Status)

You can also do the usual ctcp commands
(Finger, Ping, Version and Time)


This allows you to specify nicknames which you want mIRC to inform you that they are on IRC, when you're connected to an IRC Server. mIRC will inform you whenever a nickname joins or leaves the IRC network you are on.
To add a user just enter the following information and click on the [Add] button.

Nickname The nickname of a user that you want notify to look for.

Note An optional note or reminder that will appear next to the users nickname.

Play sound The sound that you want played whenever the user joins IRC.

Perform /whois This option makes mIRC perform a /whois on the user when they join IRC to look up their address. Note If you use it with too many nicknames then the IRC server might disconnect you for flooding.

Add/Update/Delete To add or delete users from the list. After you make a change to the settings of an existing user, you must click the Update button.

Show notifies in active window The default is to show notifies in the status window, however checking this option will also show notifications in the current active window.

Only show notifies in notify window This will make mIRC display notifies only in the notify window.

Pop up notify window on connect This will pop up the notify list window when you connect to an irc server.

Note:- Some IRC networks might let you use a full address instead of just a nickname, the only way to see if it works is to try out.


Here you can specify your email software.
Previous versions of mIRC had some difficulty in finding your default email software. I hope this has solved the problem.
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