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Channels Folder

ChannelBy default in this folder you will find some favourite IRC channels. You can also store some of your favourite channels for quick access. The channels are listed in alphabetical order and you can store as many as you want.

[Add:-] Type in whatever channel name you want to. If you want a comment, leave a space and type your comment.

[Join]:- Highlight a name and press this button, or you can type in the channel name, and then press the button.

names:-] Highlight a channel and press names to see who is in the channel

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List Channels Folder

List Folder
ListI won't tell much about the List Channels folder because I think its a command, which not only has been abused, but also it's an unnecessary burden for the servers.

Warning:- Remember that when you list channels all the information is filtered through the server, even if you tell mIRC to show you only channels with a maximum or minimum number of people. Sometimes this overruns the server buffer and you might get disconnected because of excess flood.

Most Undernet servers have disabled the List command. To get a list of the channels you can type:-

/raw list >2

Where >2 means channels with more then two people.

If you want to see a partial list (Channels that are registered) type:-

/whois x
/whois w

If you manage to get a list of channels you can save if for latter use.
Most servers have their Web site where probably you can get a list of the channels, or you can even try newsgroups postings.

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