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mIRC DCC Chat and Send Buttons
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DCC Send

DCC Send Button With this button you can initiate a DCC send session. That means you can send a file to a user by specifying his\her nickname and the name of the file you want to send. Once you have done that, select [Send] and mIRC will send information to the nickname you specified telling him\her that you want to send a file.
Remember In order for the file transfer to begin he\she has to accept your send request.

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DCC Chat

DCC Chat Button With this button you can initiate a DCC Chat session. DCC Chat allows you to talk privately by connecting directly to another client, bypassing the IRC network. ( DCC = D irect C lient to C lient). Enter the nickname of the user and select [OK].
Remember that to initiate a DCC Chat the user has to accept your chat request. If a user replies to a /dcc chat request by initiating another dcc chat with you then mIRC treats this as an acceptance of it's own request.
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