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  With this button where you can configure your DCC Send, Get and Chat options.
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DCC Send Options

On Send Request:-  
Show get dialogue:- The same as manually accepting a send request. (A wise choice) 
Auto-get file and minimize:- Not a very wise thing to do. 
Ignore all:- mIRC will ignore all send requests by other users. 
Ask, Resume or Overwrite:-  If you select resume then mIRC will attempt to negotiate a transfer resume to get the remaining part of the file. It will append this to the portion of the file you already have. 

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DCC Chat Options
On Chat request:-  
Show Chat dialogue:- The same as manually accepting a Chat request. (A wise choice) 
Auto-accept and minimize:- Not a very wise thing to do. Can't understand why someone would like to minimize a chat request. 
Ignore all:- mIRC will ignore all Chat requests by other users. 
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Fserve options

Max. Fileservers:- Specify here how many users can be served simultaneously. 
Max. DCC gets per user:- This limits the number of simultaneous DCC Gets a user can request. 
Root directory:- This specifies the root directory that a user will see when they first enter a fileserver initiated via the DCC Server. The user will be able to access all files and directories within this root directory.  
Welcome text file:-  This specifies the welcome text file that will be sent to a user when they first connect to a fileserver.  
Display fileserver warning:-  You will be warned that someone is doing an fserve on your server  

NOTE:- A user must type /DCC fserve your IP  to start an fserve. Doing /DCC fserve your nick  is slow and sometimes does not work. To find your IP an user can do /dns your nick.  

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DCC Options

On DCCCompletion:-  
Notify with beep:- mIRC will perform the selected options once a Send/Get/Chat has been completed. The beep options depend on the settings in your File\Options\ Event Beeps dialogue. You can see in your status window whether Send/Get/Chat was a success or a failure 
Close window:- mIRC will close Send/Get/Chat window when it finishes.  

Time-0ut in seconds  
Get/Chat Dialogue :- If you have configured to accept a DCC Get/Chat session manually, a Dialogue pops up and waits for you to respond. The Dialogue will wait the specified number of seconds before disappearing. 
Send/Get Transfer :- In this case mIRC will wait the specified number of seconds for a response from the other client before closing the connection. 
Fileserver :- mIRC will close the fileserver window if a user has been idle for the specified number of seconds. 

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DCC Get Options

DCC Get Directory  
The directory where received files are stored. 
You can specify as many DCC Get Directories, as you like, depending of what kind of files you usually get when your on IRC  
If you want to specify where your text files (files with extension .txt , eg version.txt) will be stored. 
Make a directory called Text under mIRC (C:\mirc\text), remember that it is not necessary to be under mIRC. 
Press [Add] below DCC get Directory. A window will open. 

DCC Get Directory
Under Save files with this extensions , type *.txt  
Under Into this directory specify the new Text Directory that you just created. (C:\mirc\text) 
Under And then Open.. specify what application to run, if you want to see\read the file when DCC Get finishes, in this case its should be notepad.exe. 
You can do the same for any other file, just remember to create the Directory. (Eg. create image directory for image files (*.gif,*.bmp,*.jpg etc) 
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DCC Server Options
Enable DCC Sever:- This turns the DCC Server on or off. Listen on Port:- By default it is 59 , don't play with it, if you don't know what you are doing.
Listen for:- You can have the DCC Server listen for only certain types of connections, such as DCC Sends, Chats, or Fileserver requests. For example, if you turn off the DCC Chat listen option, the DCC Server will ignore any chat requests.
Perform DNS lookup:- mIRC will do a /dns nick , but as mentioned earlier this might not work always.
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