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mIRC Finger and Timer
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Finger Button This button is used to finger an address to find out some more about that person. It is hardly used, but it's worth knowing about it. The syntax is:-

/finger nick/address

This is not the same as the IRC finger.The IRC finger is a CTCP command with the syntax:-

/ctcp nickname finger

In the newest mIRC, a finger server is built in to enable you to provide finger info even if your ISP doesn't maintain a central finger server. Under Misc/Options/Servers/ you can enable this Finger server.

You also have to provide a text file with the info you want to give. This file should be written as following:-


line2 .

[default] Will be used to reply to a finger request which does not specify a user, or specifies a user that doesn't exist

[name] corresponds to your userid .

Put each information on separate line.

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Timer Button This button is used to configure the on line timer, that is displayed in the status window next to your nickname. You can choose to:-

On line timer to be active.

reset to zero on connect so that you can tell how long you are on IRC for that session, or

keep time until [reset] , the timer will be cumulative and will show the total amount of time you have used IRC.

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