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Notify List

Notify Button This button allows you to open the notify window, which contains the nicknames of people in your notify list, who currently are on IRC.

mIRC will inform you whenever a nickname is on or isnot on IRC, if he\she has joined or left the IRC network. mIRC checks the server every 40 seconds thereafter and updates its notify list window.

With the right click popup. You can do DCC send, CTCP etc. Also with option , You can change your Notify List settings.

Notify List settings.
This allows you to specify nicknames which you want mIRC to inform you that they are on IRC, when you're connected to an IRC Server. mIRC will inform you whenever a nickname joins or leaves the IRC network you are on.

To add a user just enter the following information and click on the [Add] button.
Nickname   The nickname of a user that you want notify to look for.

Note   An optional note or reminder that will appear next to the users nickname.

Play sound   The sound that you want played whenever the user joins IRC.

Perform /whois   This option makes mIRC perform a /whois on the user when they join IRC to look up their address.

Note  If you use it with too many nicknames then the IRC server might disconnect you for flooding.

Add/Update/Delete   To add or delete users from the list. After you make a change to the settings of an existing user, you must click the Update button.

Show notifies in active window   The default is to show notifies in the status window, however checking this option will also show notifications in the current active window.

Only show notifies in notify window   This will make mIRC display notifies only in the notify window.

Pop up notify window on connect   This will pop up the notify list window when you connect to an irc server.

Note:-   Some IRC networks might let you use a full address instead of just a nickname, the only way to see if it works is to try out.

You can also add/remove nicknames from the command line using the /notify command.

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