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Please Note that starting from mIRC 5.4 the notify list has been moved to the Address Book Sounds URL and email Catcher Drag and Drop Logs Channel and Private Chats DDE Servers Extras IRC Switches Perform (Make mIRC work for you) Control (Auto Op, Ignore list etc) Double Clicks Event Beeps, make mirc beep or play sound on evebts Build in Flood protection

Click on any tab on the above image for more information.

I don't think that there is much to be said about General options. If you can read, then everything is very clear, but some things are worth mentioning.

Perform Tab

Tick [Highlight text with these words] and put in whatever words you want.
For example your nick, help, mIRC etc.
Any lines which contain words matching any words in your list will be highlighted in the highlight colour you've chosen in the Tools\Colour dialogue.

Don't you get bored waiting for your mIRC to connect to the server? Under Perform you can specify some actions for your mIRC to perform when it gets a connection.

Check On connect perform this commands: and in the window beneath it type

/wavplay connect.wav

Change connect.wav with whatever wave file you want.

Type in [Quit message] box, whatever you want, a funny message or even your Home Page URL.

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Flood Tab

Enable Flood Protection :- This turns on flood protection on which prevents mIRC from flooding a server.
Trigger flood check after :- The number of bytes at which mIRC should check if it might be flooding the server or not. A High number will not be useful. A low number will slow down mIRC. Try to experiment with numbers between 300 and 500.
Max. lines in buffer The maximum number of lines mIRC will buffer.
Max. lines per person The maximum number of messages a user can have in the buffer.
Ignore person for How long to ignore a user who has exceeded your flood settings.Between 30 and 60 is reasonable.

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Irc switches Tab

As you will notice the options [Actions are Purple] and [Highlight Own messages] are missing.
Why? Because you can set these settings from the Tools\Colour dialogue.

Show :- Check only User Addresses , Queries in active window and Notices in active window . Otherwise your channel window will be cramped with unnecessary messages.

Also it is a good idea to have checked , Whois on query and Rejoin channel when kicked.

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Control Tab

If you're not a channel operator the most important for you is the Ignore window. Here you will find all the names/addresses that you have put on your ignore list.

Don't forget to check Active

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Logging Tab

Tick [Strip control Codes] if you don't want your log to record the colour codes.

Its a good idea to Log all conversations in channels and private chats. Check Channels and Private chats.

Lock log files
If this switch is turned off and your log files are being saved properly then you should leave it turned off, otherwise turn it on.

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Events Beep Tab

Instead of having your mIRC beeping without knowing the reason. Under On Event , specify different wave sound for Query/Chat, Notice, Invite, Send and Disconnect.

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Sounds Tab

As you will notice there are new setting in this tab.

Listen for !nick file get requests :- If this is turned on mIRC will listen for requests from other users who don't have your sound and want to DCC Get it from you. mIRC will DCC Send the requested sound to the user automatically.

Send !nick file as private message :- If this is turned on, then whenever you use the !nick file format to DCC Get a file from another user, mIRC will send the request as a private message instead of as a channel message. The purpose of this is to prevent such messages from cluttering the channel.

Location of Wav files :- Specify your Wav Directory and whenever a wav sound is requested, mIRC will look in this directory and all of its sub directories for it.
Location of Mid files :- Specify your Mid Directory and whenever a Mid sound is requested, mIRC will look in this directory and all of its sub directories for it.

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Click Tab

This feature allows you to enter a set of commands that will be executed whenever you double-click in the specified window.

For example, by default in Status listbox you have /motd

Change /motd with the following

If your an Undernet user with this
/server 6667

If your a DALnet user with this
/server 7000

If your an EFnet user with this
/server 6667

and Double click in your Status window and see what happens :-)

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Drag and Drop Tab

The Drag and Drop feature allows you to pick up files from other programs and drop them on either Message or Channel windows. Depending on the type of file you drop onto a window, a different action will be performed according to the commands you've defined for that file type.

By default settings for dropping files with no shift key pressed are: *.wav:/sound $1 $2
*.*:/dcc send $1 $2

The default settings for dropping files with the shift key held down is: *.*:/dcc send $1 $2

Which means that if you drop a Wave file, it will be played with the /sound command, and if you drop any other type of file it will initiate a dcc send to that user.
$1 stands for the name of the user or channel where the file has been dropped.
$2 stands for the name of the file that was dropped.

You can define different actions for different types of files by associating a command with a file ending.

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URL Catcher Tab

If this option is turned on mIRC will catch references to URL and store them in the URL listbox.
Turning on this option slows down mIRC a bit since it has to scan each incoming line before printing it, so if you don't need this option it will speed things up if you turn it off.

mIRC looks for URL beginning with "http://, ftp://, gopher://, www., and ftp.". mIRC also checks to make sure addresses are not added to a list if they already exist. Addresses longer than 256 characters are ignored.

For more help click the URL button on the above mIRC toolbar.

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Servers Tab

Not used much. So if you don't understand what it is, its not important :-)

If you enable finger Server then the only thing important is the Finger Text
The text must be set up with named sections which will be used to reply to any finger requests.
Each section begins in the following way:


[default] which will be used to reply to a finger request which does not specify a user.
[name] corresponds to the userid that is being fingered.

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Extras Tab

Not much can be said about this tab.
The options in this dialogue are extra bits and pieces that don't fit anywhere else. In my humble opinion only the following three are important

Fast screen update
For users with slower video cards, this updates the screen in batches instead of individually line by line. This should speed up screen updating for most users by quite a bit.

Multi-line editbox
In single line mode, the text scrolls to the right when you reach the end of the edit box. In multi-line mode, the text starts again at the left and scrolls downward. It's probably easier to use multi-line mode since you can see what you've typed if the line is long. This mode also allows you to paste several lines of text into the editbox.

Pop up colour index
If this is turned on, mIRC will pop up a color index dialog whenever you press Control-K in an editbox to insert a color code.

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