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The remote allows you to create scripts that react to IRC Server events.This tool is the most complex part of mIRC and to use it you must already know how to use IRC Commands, Aliases, and how to use Variables and Identifiers. The remote consists of three distinct sections:

The Remote or Script section
Where the scripts that you create are listed. You can load multiple scripts which work independently of each other. This means that a single IRC Server event can trigger events in one or more scripts. Scripts consist of events which can only be triggered by users who have the required access levels. You can also place aliases in your scripts by using the alias prefix, and menus in your scripts by using the menu prefix.

The Users section
Where user addresses with assigned access levels are listed. Each User in your Users section can be assigned one or more levels. These access levels dictate which events a user will be able to access.

The Variables section
Where the currently active variables are listed.


Make a text file, name it myscript or whatever you want and copy the following in your text.

ctcp 1:PING:/notice $nick Poooong
ctcp 1:FINGER:/notice $nick If you want to know more... ask.
on 1:FILERCVD:*.*:/notice $nick Just got the file. Thanks !!
ctcp 1:TIME:/notice $nick My local time is:$time

Now load it.
Press File\Script\load find the txt file and load it.

Join IRC and ping or finger yourself and see what will happen.

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