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  Starting with mIRC 5.3  and over, if you right click this button, a popup menu of your top 15 irc servers is displayed and you can connect to any of those by just clicking it.

Setup, Press on any tabIRC ServersLocal InfoOptionsIdentdFirewall
Click on any tab on the above image for more information.


IRC servers Tab

The sever list is in Drop list format, you have to choose a server name and press the [Connect to IRC server!] button.

You can edit a server or if you know the address of a server (eg. you can add a new server. The port number is usually 6667. If the server allows connections on different ports, you can enter them all separated by commas eg. 6667,6668,6669 and mIRC will pick one randomly each time it connects to the server.

Real name:- Use your real name or whatever you like. It will appear in your /whois information.

E-Mail address:- Enter your real email address. Try not to cheat. The username part of the email address is used to register with the server.

Nick name:- Use any nick which you think describes you well. Avoid using rude or offending nicks.

Alternate:- Enter an alternate nickname so that if the first nickname is in use when you try to log on, the alternate will be tried. Remember that on some servers (like Efnet) you can register your nick and on some (like Undernet) you cannot.

Invisible mode:- Tick the box next to it if you want to connect to the IRC server in +i mode.

Simple isn't it..!

Note  The invisible mode makes you invisible to the /who #channelname command. Meaning that other people cannot find you by searching on IRC unless they know your exact nickname. No wild carded search on you by the /who command on your IP Address or real name will deliver your current nickname or other information to others. It does not make you invisible to people in the same channel as you, or even to yourself :)

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Local Info Tab

If you try to connect to a server and get the message

*** Unable to resolve local host

or you get connected to a server but see that you cannot DCC Send/Chat, then your Local info. is not set up correctly.

Try the following:-
Clear Local Host: and IP Address
Check On connect, always get: Local Host .
You will notice that IP Address is also checked but dimmed.
From Method select Server . mIRC will look up your local host and resolve it to an IP address.

If again you cannot get a connection get in touch with your ISP.

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Options Tab

At the bottom of this tab you will see Default Port with the number 6667.
This allows you to specify a default server port that will be used in case you forget to specify a port for a server.
You see!!, Khaled even thinks about atherosclerotic people, like myself :-)

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Identd Tab

mIRC can act as an identd server and sends the specified User ID and System as identification. This will be more useful to some people than others. In general it is better to leave it active as some systems might refuse a connection if there is no reply to an identd request.

Enable Identd server:- Check the box

User ID:- Is your account or user name on your system. For most people this will be the User ID portion of their email address (the text before the @ sign).

System:- For all intents and purposes, replying with a value other than UNIX would not be very useful.

Listen on Port: Should usually be 113.

If you have identd enabled but there is no reply to an identd request by a server, then do a /whois on yourself.

Nick is ~

If you see ~ on the first line then your ISP does not have proper identing. If proper identing is very important for you, ask your ISP to set one, or change your ISP.

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Firewall Tab

The main purpose of this option is most likely to allow someone to access IRC through a SOCKS server at work, or more rarely through a network set up at home. The majority of home users should keep this option turned off.
Hostname is the machine name of your SOCKS server and can be either a named address or an IP address.
User ID can be your account or user name on your system. For most people this will be the User ID portion of their email address (the text before the @ sign).
Password is the password required to access the firewall.
Port should usually be 1080.
NOTE :- Only connecting to an IRC server is supported. DCC Send/Chat, etc. are not supported.
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