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URL List

This allows you to view and store all the URL addresses mentioned while you were on IRC. If you right click in the URL window and then Options the mIRC general Options window will open where you can configure your URL Catcher.

Enable URL Catcher

If this option is turned on mIRC will look for any URL addresses beginning with "http://, ftp://, gopher://, www., and ftp." and store them in the Url.ini. mIRC also checks to make sure addresses are not added to a list if they already exist. Turning on this option slows down mIRC a bit since it has to scan each incoming line before printing it, so if you don't need this option it will speed things up if you turn it off.

Enable email Catcher (Only for mIRC version 5.1 and over)

mIRC will also catch any text that looks like an email as long as the word mail is mentioned in the same line of text as the email address.

On View

You can view the URL address with your browser . Either as a new window or in your current Browser window.

On Send

If you want to send a URL address to a channel, query, etc. mIRC can send only the URL or both the URL and it's description.

Place ? marked URLs at top of list

If this is checked then mIRC will place ? marked URLs at the top of the URL list.

Delete All ? marked URLs on exit

To prevent your URL list getting too long you can choose to have all ? marked items deleted when you exit mIRC.

On Double Click

If you double click an URL you will either be able to edit it or view it with your Browser.

Location and name of WWW browser

This specifies your WWW browsers' location on your hard disk, so that mIRC can run it when you select view from the popup menu.
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