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    In my humble opinion my home page is viewed with any colors and any browser, either with Frames or No Frames. I need your opinion and suggestions. Please don't hesitate to email me.

    Like most places on the web these days, this site is still and will always be under construction!

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    Updated: 08 August 2000

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    22 January 2001
     New mIRC v5.82 is out, you can download skinz for mIRC which were made by InkyWings .
    08 August 2000
     Finally I had some free time and added a new section. I decided to experiment with Flash 4. I wrote a small script based on the popular TV show " Who wants to be a Millionaire ". Give it a try and I Hope you will enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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    Who wants to be a mIRCionaire?