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Questions and Answers

While hanging in #Irchelp, I noticed that people ask different questions, from the simplest to the most complicated.
In this page I decided to post the most often asked questions, starting from the simplest and hoping to expand it in the future.

  • How do I enter or Leave a channel?

    To enter a channel just type:-
    /join #channel name
    Example if you want to enter #Irchelp
    /join #irchelp

    To leave a channel type:-
    /part #channel name your message
    Example if you want to leave #Irchelp
    /part #irchelp See you latter people

    Also you can use:-
    /partall #channel name your message
    This parts all of the channels you are currently on.

    Note:- the message after the channel name is optional and it is not support by all IRC servers.

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  • Why can't I see my messages when I type in a channel?

    Probably because you have chosen window colors in general options.

    Press the General Options button and choose the Extras tab.
    Make sure Window Colors is Unchecked

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  • How can I type in purple?

    To type in purple you must do an action.
    Next time you're in a channel type:-
    /me is just testing

    /me will return your nick, which will be in purple as will any message after it.

    So if you want to type in purple just type /me followed with your message.

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  • How can I set an fserver?

    To do fserver:-
    Go to Remote/Events , make sure that On listening is checked and copy the following:-
    ON 1:TEXT:!yournick*:*:/fserve $nick 3 c:\fserve-path C:\txt-path\help.txt

    Note that a user must type whatever you use for !yournick to start fserve !!

    Note :- the number 3, after $nick denotes the maximum number of simultaneous dcc gets that the user can have during a file server session.
    Note replace c:\fserve-path with the full path of your fserve directory.
    Note The help.txt, or any text file is Optional . If you are going to use a help.txt file don't forget to specify the path.

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  • How can I play a sound?

    To play a sound
    1:- You must have a sound card.
    2:- Enable sound in mIRC. File\option\sound requests.
    3:- To play a sound type /sound #channelname file.wav your message.
    4:- If people have that file.wav and they have setup their client correctly, they will hear it.
    5:- To hear other peoples sounds you must have the same sound file as well!!

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  • How can I autosend my sound files?

    You can set that from Options\sound , by ticking the [listen for !nick file...]
    But if someone does a !nick file mesage request mIRC will not send it.

    To autosend sound files, requested with a message, copy this in your Remote

    Make sure listening is ticked in remote.
    ON 1:TEXT:!yournick*:*:*:/dcc send $nick c:\yourwavdir\ $+ $parm

    The person will have to type !yournick filename.wav.
    Note:- Choose either the mIRC autosend option or this small script, otherwise you will send the wav file twice :-)

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  • How can I autoget a sound file?

    To autoget sound files copy this in your Remote\event.
    Make sure listening is turned on.
    ON 1:NOSOUND:/msg $active ! $+ $nick $filename

    Note $active returns the name of your active window.

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  • How can I set a Pager?

    To set up a pager copy this in your Remote\Commands.
    Make sure listening is turned on.
    #page off
    CTCP 1:PAGE:/wavplay (Put your wav file here) | /notice $nick Page received
    #page end

    Also copy this in your Popup.ini under Channel

    Away Pager
    .Away:/ame is away! $$?=" Enter Reason:" If you need me type /ctcp $me $+ _Away PAGE | /enable #page | /set %nick $me | /nick $me $+ _Away | /away $$!
    .Back:/ame is back! ctcp page is disabled | /nick %nick | /disable #page | /away

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  • How can I become invisible?

    mIRC can do that for you if you tick Invisible mode in setup\Irc servers or if you want you can do that manually.

    To become invisible next time your on IRC type:- /mode $me +i
    Note:-   In the Status window you should see the following:-
    *** YourNick sets mode:+i

    If you want to be always invisible, copy /mode $me +i in General Options\Perform tab

    Note:-   The invisible mode makes you invisible to
    /who #channelname   command.
    Meaning that other people cannot find you by searching on IRC unless they know your exact nickname.
    No wild carded search on you by the /who command on your IP Address or real name will deliver your current nickname or other information to others.
    It does not make you invisible to people in the same channel as you, or even to yourself :)

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  • Why can't I DCC send or chat?

    To correct DCC problems in mIRC try the following
    Before connecting to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and IRC,

    1. Open mIRC and go to File\Setup\Local info
    2. Clear Local host\IP address,
    3. Check always get local host and IP.
      Note when you tick local host IP will be dimmed but ticked.
    4. From Method choose Server. (available to mIRC 4.7 and over users.)
    5. Exit the menu with OK and then connect with the IRC server.
    6. When your on IRC type /dns YourNick
    7. In your status window you must see something like
      ***trying to resolve.......
      and then a number which should be the same as your IP number in File\Setup\Local info

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  • How can I make Popups?

    It is very easy to make your own Popups. I will give you an examples. Press the 8th button on your mIRC toolbar or press Alt+p on your keyboard.

    Tick Nickname Lists , make sure Menu is active is ticked and copy this:-

    Test:/say $$1 your message
    Change your message with whatever you want.

    Notice $$1 returns the nick that you highlight. You can put it wherever you like, before, between or after your message.

    You can change say with me to perform an action.

    Hope you got the message. If you did, start experimenting :)

    Note:- If you use { } in your popups, be very careful. mIRC will not read your popups after the { } .

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  • What is a Ping? How do I Ping?

    A user ping is a way to measure time delay (lag) between two users.

    Type /ctcp nick ping and Look for the respond in your Status window.

    Remember you can even ping yourself.

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  • What is a Ping Pong?

    When you see PING PONG the server sends a PING to your client.
    If your client does not return a PONG, then the server thinks you are not there and will disconnect you.
    It is a way to measure time delay (lag) between the server and you.

    Remember the less active you are in a channel, the more PING PONG you will see :-)

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