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Double Click
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Double Click

Double Click

If you open General Options   General options button
and click on the [Clicks] tab, you will see the following.
Click Tab

By default the Status is either /lusers or /motd
but honestly who cares how many users are connected or what the server motd is, after all you can see all these when you connect to a server (Unless you have disabled motd from General Options\IRC Switches.)

Personally I would have preferred to have /quit , or /server 6667 , so that when I'm lagged, all I have to do is, double click in the Status window, and connect to a new server.

By default the Query is /whois $1 .
But again if I tick [ Whois on query ] from General Options\IRC Switches. I don't need it.
Personally I would have preferred /dcc send $1
or /play $$dir="Choose a text!" c:\My_Ascii_file_Path $$?

By default the Channel is /channel $1 .
I have not changed this one, as a channel operator it's useful, but again, most users are not channel operators, and if I was in their place I would have something like this.
/me says time to go. Have a nice day ppl | /part #

By default the Nick List /query $1 .
If I was a Channel Operator, I would have definitely changed this one to
/kick # $1 or /ban $1 2

But between you and me, this is not what I use. Why?
Because as you can see, it's very easy to Kick or Ban a friend, even myself ;-)
So I have used If, else, some variables , etc which allows me to kick\ban with one double click and prevents me from kicking\banning friends or me :-)
How?? Just think and you will see that it's very simple :-), otherwise email me.

By default the Notify List is /whois $1 .
But again if I tick [ Perform /whois ] from General Options\Notify List. I don't need it.
Of course if my Notify list is long, I might get flooded but it is not :-)
I would have preferred /query $1 or /abook $1 or even /uwho $1 $1

As you can see the Double kick options are limitless , well almost limitless :-)
so don't expect from me to tell you everything, just start experimenting and you will soon find many useful features for double click, which will suit your needs perfectly .

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