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How to set fserve
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I know that somewhere along in my page, I have explained fserve couple of times, but every day I get emails asking me how to set an fserve :).
So here we go again :)

With mIRC you can have your own file server. That means that people can access a pre defined directory, and download whatever they want.
So the first thing to do is make a new directory. The user will be limited to accessing only files and directories within this directory.
Then put whatever you want under this directory, pics, wav, text, programs etc. If you are using mIRC 5.1, there are two ways to set your mIRCs file server.

First Method

Go to Remote/Events , make sure that On listening is checked and copy the following:-
ON 1:TEXT:!yournick*:*:/fserve $nick 3 c:\fserve-path C:\txt-path\help.txt

Note  that a user must type whatever you use for !yournick to start fserve.

Note :- the number 3, after $nick denotes the maximum number of simultaneous dcc gets that the user can have during a file server session.

Note replace c:\fserve-path with the full path of your fserve directory.

Note The help.txt, or any text file is Optional . If you are going to use a help.txt file don't forget to specify the path.

Second Method

This is available only to mIRC version 5.1 and over.
Click the DCC Options button 

Then click the Fserve Tab.
Max. Fileservers:- Specify here how many users can be served simultaneously. 
Max. DCC gets per user:- This limits the number of simultaneous DCC Gets a user can request. 
Root directory:- This specifies the root directory that a user will see when they first enter a file server initiated via the DCC Server. The user will be able to access all files and directories within this root directory.  
Welcome text file:- This specifies the welcome text file that will be sent to a user when they first connect to a file server.  
Display file server warning:- You will be warned that someone is doing an fserve on your server
NOTE:- A user must type /DCC fserve your IP  to start an fserve. To find your IP an user can do /dns your nick.
Remember that this method can be used even if you or your friend are not on IRC, as long as your connected to the internet, and know the IP number, you can DCC send\get files.

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