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Irc Jargon\shorthand

When you're on IRC, you will notice that people use their own jargon and/or shorthand. I would appreciate it, if you email me whatever IRC Jargons/Shorthands that you know.

My thanks to Patrick Hyde, Kim Letrich, PJ, The goat, Ryck Zarick, Catherine Lee, Temahe, Bogie, Seiner, M.Stauffacher, D.Cunningham, Whisper, Chris, QMax, RickyC, FoxFire, Brian Hippel, Dallas, { Dove} , Kathy, The Call, Oliver-Velez, Lindsay, Becky, Starmaster9x, Darrel Richardson, Joseph Kling, Yoshi, Beth Hickey, Karlo, Doug, Natalie, Alex and others who emailed me with their own suggestions.

Download  IRC Jargon in Windows Help, text or write format. (12 May 98)

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Numbers Paranoia


AAMOF = As A Matter Of Fact
ADN = Any Day Now
AFAIK = And For All I Know
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
AFK = Away From Keyboard
ANY1 = Anyone
A/S/L = Age/Sex/Location
ADDY = Address
AWGAD = And Who Gives A Darn
AWGTHTGTTA = Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again?


BAC = By Any Chance
BAG = Busting A Gut (Laughing)
BBFN = Bye Bye For Now
BBIAB =Be Back In A Bit
BBL = Be Back Later
BCNU = Be Seeing You
BG = Big grin
BEWG = Big Evil Wicked Grin
BRB = Be Right Back
BRT = Be Right There
BK = Because
BTW = By The Way
BTDT = Been There, Done That
BTA = But Then Again
BWG = Big Wide Grin
BYKT = But You Knew That
B4 = Before
B/C = Because
BTASRTHOS! = Better Than A Slap 'Round The Head On Sunday!


C = See
CU = See You
CUL = See You Later
CUL8er = See You Later
CUL8R = See You Later
CMIIW = Correct Me If I'm Wrong
CRS = Can't Remember Sh*t
CYA = Cover Your A**
CYA = See You


DIIK = Damned If I Know
DQOTD = Dumb Question of the Day
DTRT = Do The Right Thing
DILLIGAF = Does It Look Like I Give A F...k.
D/L = Download
D/U = Download/Upload (Ratio)


EOD = End Of Discussion
EOF = End of File
ESOSL = Endless Snorts of Stupid Laughter
EZ = Easy


F = Female
FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
FYEO = For Your Eyes Only
FYI = For Your Information
FU! = F**K You
FWIW = For What Its Worth


<G> = Grin
GR8 = Great
GGP = Gotta Go Pottie
GGN = Gotta Go Now
GMV = Got My Vote
GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike
GO PRI = Send Private Msg\Mail
GOK = God Only Knows
GTG = Got To Go
G2G = Got To Go


H/A = Hi All
HHTY = Happy Holidays to You


IAC = In Any Case
IC = I see
ICU = I see you ....
ICU2 = I see you too
ICBW = I Could Be Wrong
ICOCBW = I Could, Of Course, Be Wrong
ILY = I Love You
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO = In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
IMV = In My View
IOW = In Other Words
IYSWIM = If you see what I mean


J\K = Just Kidding
JOOC = Just out of Curiosity


K = OK
KHYF = Know How You Feel
KEWL = Cool, Fantastic
KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid


<L> = Laugh
LOL = Laughing Out Loud
LOL = Lost Of Love
LTNS = Long Time No See
LTNT = Long Time, No Type
L8TR = Later (as in see ya later)
L8R = Later (as in see ya later)(Same as L8TR)
LMAO = Laughing My A.. Off


M = Male
M/F = Male or Female
M8 = Mate
ME2 = Me too
MORF = Male Or Female
MPOV = My Point Of View


NBL = Not Bloody Likely
NE1 = Anyone
NE = Any
NOYB = None Of Your Business
NP = No Problem
NRN = No Reply Necessary
NTYMI = Now That You Mention It


ODAT = One Day At a Time
OIC = OH, I See
OMG = OH, My God
OAS = On Another Subject
OTOH = On The Other Hand


PPL = People
PEEPS = People
PITA = Pain In The A**
POV = Point Of View
PMETC = Pardon Me Etc
PZ = Peasey (i.e. EZ PZ easy peasey)


QL = Cool
QEWL = Cool


R = Are
RE = Returned, back
REHI = Hi again
ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLMAO = Rolling On Floor Laughing My A.. Off
ROFLPMP = Rolling On Floor Laughing Pis... My Pants
ROTFLPIMK = Rolling On The Floor Pis... In My Kilt
RSN = Real Soon Now
RL = Real Life
RTDM = Read The Damn Manual
RTFM = Read that F...ed Manual
RTFS = Read That F...ed Source


SAH = Stay At Home
<S> = Smile
SOL = You are Alone or Nobody Can Help You
SOP = Standing Operational Proceedures
STR8 = Straight
SUP = What's Up
S/U = Shut Up
SYS = See You Soon
SYS = System
SN = screen name


T = Tea
TAFN = Thats all for Now
TCFW = Too Cute For Words
TDM = Too Damn Many
TFT = Thanks for That
TIA = Thanks In Advance
TMI = Too Much Information
TXS = Thanks
THX = Thanks
TY = Thank You
TTBOMK = To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFN = Ta Ta For Now
TTYL = Talk to you later
TYT = Take Your Time
TYVM = Thank You Very Much


U = You
UR = You are (or) Your
U/L = Upload


V = Victory
VFY = Voted For You
VIC = Vicinity


WAW = Why Ask Why?
WB = Welcome Back
W/B = Welcome Back (Same as WB)
W/E = What Ever
/W = With
/WO = With out
W/F = Where From
What's^ = What's Up
W8 = Wait
WILTY = Would I Lie To You?
WTG  = Way To Go
WTF = What The F***?


XP  = Experience (as in my experience)
XTG  = Axe To Grind (foul tempered mIRCer)
XTC  = Ecstasy (drugs or emotion)


Y  = Why? YABA = Yet Another Bloody Acronym
YMBK = You Must Be Kidding
YMBJ = You Must Be Joking
YAP = Yet Another Ploy
YGLT =You're Gonna Love This
YHTBT = You Had To Be There


Z = Sleeping or Bored (obvious zzzZZZZ)


2 = To, Too or Two
4 = For or Four
4N = For Now (Used after other Jargons ie AFK4N)
4U = For You
8 = Ate or Eight
10Q = Thank You
10x = Thanks
10x*e3 = 1000 Times Thanks


{ { { nick} } } = Hug the specified nick
:-) = Smile
;-) = Wink
:-( = Unhappy, Sad
:-þ = Stick your tongue out, use Alt+0222(keypads)
:-P = Stick your tongue out, (If you don't know the ascii Characters)
:-O_~ = To smoke
|=:-)> = Patriotic (Looks like Uncle Sam)

Note that if you are using mIRC 4.7 and over you can use
Ctrl-K1,8 Smiley Ctrl-k
to make your Smiley more realistic. (Patrick Hyde suggestion).

If you wish to see more Smileys then try this link.
Helwig's smiley dictionary
One word of warning. Sometimes its a bit slow :(

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