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  03 June 1999 mIRC v5.60 is out.

Lots of changes but I have not fully explored it. Hope to have new information available soon.

  • A "Track Urls" option is added to the System menu in Channel/Query windows. This option auto-opens websites as they are mentioned in a conversation in those windows.
  • Your away status is now shown in the Status window titlebar.
  • The date logfile names option now uses the full 4-digit year.
  • The line Session Time is now output to log files at midnight as marker for log files that are open for a long time.
  • You can easily ignore specific file types with a new option in the DCC/Options dialog. This makes mIRC ignore any DCC Sends which match the specified filenames/types.
  • A new Lock section is added in the File/Options/General dialog. It allows you to lock mIRC, disable various features, etc. If you hold down the Control key when you minimize mIRC, it will ask you for a password when you try to restore the window.
  • The message highlight feature is highly improved. It is now possible to add individual highlight matches each with its own settings. You can specify the highlight colour, add sounds, and add a flash message.
  • If you are a scripter, Several old syntaxes in the scripting language are no longer supported but now you have lots of new commands, functions and parameters.
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