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Part with Style
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Part with style

Ok, here is a quick one.
Copy this in your Popup menu, under Nicknames.
Click view and make sure the [Nickname List] is ticked.

Time To go:/me says its time to go . Have a nice day $$1- , Bye everybody | /part #

Next time when you want to quit hold down the [Ctrl] key, and left click on your friends nick, then right click and click on [Time to part]
Try it :)

If you want to type in the part msg yourself try this:-
Time To go:/me says $$?="Enter msg" . Have a nice day $$1- , Bye everybody | /part #
I wonder if we can change [part #] with [quit]. Try it and let me know :-)

Here is another one /pp /$read $$? C:\mirc\part.txt

If you know what the above alias will do, then don't waste your time reading any more :)
If no then carry on reading...

Make a new text file and name it Part.txt .
Put it in your mIRC directory (C:\mirc\).
Type the following lines in the Part.txt file:-

/me wants to stay but duty calls..must go :-)
/me must go..bye everybody..c u later.
/me thanks everybody and leaves $active. Bye.

Notice $active , it's another identifier it returns the full name of the currently active window.

OK lets see what we can do with this text file.
Make a new alias:-
/pp /$read $$? C:\mirc\part.txt

Notice $$? a dialogue box will open where you have to enter your parameters. Don't worry if you still can't understand anything. Will come to that soon :)

Next time you're in a channel type:-
When the dialogue box opens type -l2
mIRC will read the second line of your part.txt. (-l[line number]

Hmm.. what will happen if you don't type anything? Try it.

Ok, no time to experiment? I will tell you what will happen. mIRC will read randomly any line :)

Make some changes

Lets make some changes to our Part.txt
At the end of each line type the following:-
| part #
Don't forget to leave a space before and after |

You can keep your old Part alias:-

/p /part #

Next time when you want to part a channel in style just type /pp . mIRC will prompt you for your part message, then inform everybody in the channel that you're leaving and part the channel. Amazing, isn't it?

Or you can part without a message by typing just /p .

See how easy it is. Hmmm... I wonder if we can do the same for our quit command.

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