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Don't you hate it , when while chatting, either privately or in a channel, a window opens up with somebody saying "Hi" or "m/f" ?
Fortunately with mIRC you can get rid of this. You can configure mIRC to inform you, in your active window

  • The nick of the person who is querying or messaging you.
  • The content of the message.
  • To accept or not the query\message.

First in your General Options , in the IRC Switches tab, tick  Queries in active window.

Then copy this in your Remote .
on 1:TEXT:*:?:{
if ($nick isin $active) { goto halt }
else {
splay c:\mirc\events\hello.wav | /set %mnick $nick
echo $active 14 To Close0. 14message 4 Hit F3
echo $active 14 To Accept message 4 Hit F2

Note:- If you copy it as it is with copy and paste. color codes will be included as well. Also change c:\mirc\events\hello.wav with the path of any wav shound you like.
The Squares that you see are color codes.

Also put this in your Aliases
/f2 /query %mnick | /unset %mnick
/f3 /notice %mnick Sorry can't chat now, cya around %mnick :) | /ignore -pntiu60 %mnick 3 | /closemsg %mnick | /unset %mnick

Note:-  The /f3 alias should be on one line, also don't forget to leave space before and after | .

Let's analyze it

First let's have a look at the one in Remote\Events .

  • 1:ON TEXT:*:?:   The * means any text and the ?  means any private message.
  • if ($nick isin $active) { goto halt }   This means that if the variable $nick is in the variable $active, mIRC will jump to :halt. This prevents mIRC from informing you that you have a query\message from the nick, that you are already chatting with.
  • set %mnick $nick  If you are not already chatting with the specific nick. mIRC sets the variable %mnick equal to the querying\messaging nick.
  • echo $active To Close message Hit F3  Then it informs you that if you want to close the query\message Hit F3 .
  • echo $active To Accept message Hit F2  Or to accept the the query\message Hit F2 .

    Now lets have a look in the Aliases

  • /f2 /query %mnick | /unset %mnick  It opens a query window with the specific nick and removes the %mnick variable from the variables list.
  • /f3 /notice %mnick Sorry can't chat now, cya around %mnick :)  It sent's a notice to the specific nick.
  • /ignore -pntiu60 %mnick 3  You put the specific nick on your ignore list for 60 seconds. Where p = private query\message , n = notice , t = ctcp and i = invite .
  • /closemsg %mnick  It closes the iconified query window with the specific nick.
  • /unset %mnick  Removes the %mnick variable from the variables list.

Although it might look complicated, it's very simple.
If you still didn't understand how it works, no problem. Just copy the Remote and Aliases part and next time you're on IRC query yourself and see what will happen :)

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