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Sing along with mIRC
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Sing with mIRC

Sound Requests

Do you like playing wave files while you're in a channel. Then all you have to do is copy this in your popup.ini under Main window:-

Play A Wave for everybody:/sound $$file="Choose a wave!"$wavedir | /me plays for everybody.

Notice $$file , it will open a window asking you to choose a wave file and will not complain if you change your mind. To understand what I mean change $$file with $file . Also $wavedir is another identifier which return your wave directory. (Specified under Options/sound requests).

You want different message?

Then copy this in your popup.ini under Main window:-

Play A Wave:/sound $$file="Choose a wave!" $wavedir $$?="Enter your message:"

Notice $$? , it means that mIRC will ask you for your message, (parameter). Then it will open your Wav directory so that you can choose the sound file.

Any other way?

If you usually play wave files for certain people only, then copy this in your popup.ini under Channel name List:-

Play A Wave:/sound $$file="Choose a wave!" $wavedir | /me for $$1

See how easy is with mIRC.

You can stop a mid file from playing if you type:- /splay stop

So why don't you make an alias for it
Something like this:-
/f1 /splay stop

So next time if you don't wont to hear a particular mid file just hit the F1 function key.

Lets see what will Khaled Mardam-Bey think of next :))

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