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              NEW     TEL: +357-5-315-023;725-962.       FAX: +357-5-314-830; 722-311.         P.O. BOX 52091   Limassol, Cyprus    


The Cyprus Feline Society was founded in 1995 in Limassol through the initiative of a few cat lovers who also happened to have pure bred cats.

invit2000.gif (150970 bytes) The Society was duly registered by the Government of Republic of Cyprus as required by law as non profitable organization for welfare and cat protection.

Our main aim is to protect and to promote pure bred cats and at the same time to support the activities of other clubs which are concern with welfare and protection of cats in general. Also we are concern for improvement and control of pure breeding , registration of pure bred cats and issuing the pedigree certificates internationally recognized. We are organizing International, National and Promotional shows, seminars and provide useful information concerning cat matter to our members and cat lowers. Our headquarter is in Limassol and sub branch for stray cats, in Paphos and Nicosia we also have our branches.

The Society has over 90 members and over 230 registered cats in LO and RIEX register.

Until now we oraganized one Promotional and one National and International show.

Cyprus Feline Society is affiliated with World Cat Federation from Decenber 1998 as the member under patronage. The Club from Belarus "Felita" is our mentor.




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Tel: +357-5-313-073.